List Leverage Review – Scam or Not?


List Leverage Website ScreenshotList Leverage is the name of a program that’s been unwantedly landing in my email inbox lately so I finally figured I’d actually take a closer look at it & see what it’s all about.

After all, the emails claim that it’ll easily enable me to earn thousands of dollars every single day with little to no work.

All I allegedly need to do according to the system’s founder, Matthew Neer is “click send & make $1,000 per day”.

Sounds cool… But is List Leverage legit?

Or is List Leverage a scam to avoid?

Well, put it this way you’ll be glad that you came here to this List Leverage review before signing up because the truth is that the program could actually see you losing well over $10,000.

What Is List Leverage?   |   Who Is Matthew Neer?   |   How Does List Leverage Work?   |   The Costs   |   Can You Really Make Money?   |   Is List Leverage a Scam?   |   A Legitimate Alternative

What Is List Leverage?

List Leverage is the name of a program that’s been heavily hitting my email inbox over the past few weeks promising to provide me with access to a super-easy way for making money.

But as you probably know, “super-easy ways for making money” & scams typically go hand in hand.

So naturally, I was pretty sceptical about it, and I became even more sceptical when I clicked through to the website.

The website, as shown below claims that you can just “click send & make $1,000 per day”:

List Leverage Income Claim

And as they say, if it looks like a scam & sounds like a scam, it probably is a scam.

But I was still pretty intrigued.

After all, somebody has to be making money from it, right?

So I decided to take a closer look into it to find out exactly how it all worked to see what’s really going on… But first, I decided to investigate the creator, Matthew Neer.

Who Is Matthew Neer?

Well, according to his promotional page, Matthew Neer is a marketer who has, as he claims “been making an absolutely killing from the internet”.

Matthew Neer Bio

And further research into his background reveals that he’s actually released several different money-making programs prior to List Leverage.

The names of some of those programs are as follows:

  • Operation 10K
  • 5K Formula System
  • Income League
  • Viral Cash App
  • Viral Money Method
  • Speed Wealth
  • Wealth Ascension

And they all boast extremely hyped-up claims, similar to that of his List Leverage program.

So if they really worked as promised then why would he need to create so many?

The answer is because according to reviews found on Google it seems to be immediately clear that his programs don’t really work as promised as shown below:

Matthew Neer Reviews

The common consensus among reviewers seems to be that Matthew Neer creates programs which simply do not live up to their bold claims & leave people to feel cheated out of their cash.

So that’s not a great first sign, to say the least.

But of course, it wouldn’t be fair to just his current program, List Leverage on his past programs.

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How Does List Leverage Work?

Well, List Leverage portrays itself as being an “email marketing training program”, and in a sense it kind of is.

It does teach email marketing, however, it teaches it with a primary focus on using it to promote List Leverage to others.

It’s basically one of those programs that promise to provide you with access to a revolutionary way to make money but simply leaves you to discover that the way you really make money with it is getting others to sign up, just like you did.

So the first thing I’ll point out here is that when Matthew Neer says that all you need to do is simply “click send & earn money”, it’s nowhere near that simple.

Your success (or lack of) with List Leverage is entirely dependant on how well you’re able to promote the program to others.

If you can’t effectively promote the program & get others to sign up & invest just like you did, then the truth is that you’ll just stand to lose money, not make it.

Sadly, that’ll be the case with the majority of members that sign up.

Now, it’s important for me to point out here that in small print at the bottom of the List Leverage website (as shown below) it states that “No product purchase required to participate in LL’s compensation plan“.

List Leverage Disclaimer

However, after spending 30 minutes searching through the website, I was unable to find out how you could possibly promote List Leverage as an affiliate without making a purchase.

It may be possible, but it certainly seems to be made difficult.

Anyway, that aside, here’s a rundown of the process that’s actually involved:

Step 1.

To initially get started with List Leverage you’ll need to sign up & become a member & as far as I can see there is no way that you can do that without making a payment.

Step 2.

After signing up you’ll be presented with 6 different lists & you’ll have to sign up to the sixth one. Each list is basically a level inside of the multi-level scheme.

Step 3.

Your job is to move higher up the lists as that puts you higher in the scheme & in order to do that you must refer others & encourage them to also refer others too. Your position is determined by the number of people you have recruited.

Step 4.

In order to earn money, your job is to promote some third party products to the people that have subscribed below you such as Traffic Authority & SendShark. If they buy them, you earn commissions.

How Much Does List Leverage Cost?

In order to initially get started with List Leverage you must purchase one of the two membership packages they offer & these packages are priced as follows:

  • Beginner Package – $49/mo
  • Super Affiliate Package – $298/year

And the costs don’t end there, in fact, that’s just the beginning.

From there you’ll be pushed into purchasing several third-party products, because this is how the people inside of the scheme are making their money, by getting the people below them to purchase stuff.

The third-party products you’ll be pushed into purchasing are as follows:

  • SendShark – $25/mo
  • Done-For-You Email Campaigns – $67
  • Capture Pages – $47
  • Further Traning – $199

And then in order to stand ANY chance of earning money with the program whatsoever, you’ll need traffic which you’ll be encouraged to buy through a company named Traffic Authority.

The traffic packages cost $200 to $8,000.

And it’s worth noting that there is absolutely no guarantee that you will earn money with List Leverage, even if you were to spend the full $8,000 on the traffic.

In fact, as you’ll see in the next section of this List Leverage review, many people won’t make money.

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Can You Really Make Money With List Leverage?

It’s certainly possible to earn money with List Leverage, but you shouldn’t be tricked into thinking that you can just “click send & make $1,000 per day” like the promotional material claims you can.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Instead, as mentioned further up in this List Leverage review your success (or lack of it) is entirely dependant on your ability to recruit others & to get them to buy stuff.

You’ll go into the system, buy stuff, then you’ll have to get others to do the same.

And despite List Leverage claiming that you can just purchase the traffic from Traffic Authority & earn money, in reality, that likely won’t turn out very well.

You’ll probably just lose money on your purchase.

You see, if it was that easy to get visitors online then I’d be doing it myself, but it’s not. I’ve tried things like that in the past & they just turned out to be a hard lesson learned.

And for many members of List Leverage, it’ll likely turn out to be the same.

In order to get started with List Leverage, you’ll need to spend $600 & then you’ll need to purchase traffic & the minimum purchase point is $200 so that’s $800 in total.

$800 to get started wouldn’t be too bad if you could actually make a profit, but here’s what their income disclaimer states:

Based on industry standards and company projections, the average annual gross income for participants (“Affiliates”) is projected to be anywhere between $300 and $1,800.

That doesn’t look good, does it?

Their sales page claims that you can easily may $1,000 per day just by clicking send, yet their income disclaimer says that most people may only earn $300 per year.

That alone is enough for me to say “I’m out“.

Is List Leverage a Scam?

Despite List Leverage claiming that you can “click send & get paid $1,000 per day” the reality is that according to their income disclaimer, most people won’t even make $1,000 per year.

Does that make it a scam?

I’ll let you arrive at your own verdict.

I mean yes, the truth is that you can indeed actually make money with List Leverage but that is entirely dependant on your ability to recruit others into the program.

If you fail to recruit others, you’ll fail to make money & as far as I’m concerned that’s just not made clear enough at all in any of the promotional material.

So scam or not, I’ll let you decide, but what I will say is that I personally won’t be recommending it to you because I think it’ll just result in you losing money.

And potentially lots of it.

As far as I’m concerned there’s simply no need to spend so much money to “chance” whether or not you’ll make money online because there are plenty of legitimate alternatives that you can get started with for free.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of them.

At Weathy Affiliate you’ll learn all about affiliate marketing & you’ll get provided with the tools, training & support that you need to earn good money by promoting products for companies (like Amazon) online.

If you’re interested in that instead, you can check it out here.

Whatever you decide to do though I just hope that my List Leverage review here has provided you with a good insight into how it all really works & helped you decide whether or not it’ll really be a good fit for you.

A Legitimate Alternative

In my opinion, if you want to earn good money online then the best way to do it is through a method known as affiliate marketing which involves promoting products for companies (like Amazon) in return for commissions.

But whilst I believe affiliate marketing to be the best way to make money, I'll point out that there is simply no need to speed thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars to get started with it.

The reason I say that is because you can actually get started with it for free over at Wealthy Affiliate.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you'll get provided with the training, tools & support that you need to see success online through affiliate marketing, even if you're just a beginner.

So if you really want to see success with affiliate marketing & don't want to waste a ton of cash in the process of trying then my advice would be to simply check out Wealthy Affiliate.

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