Dropshipping Titans Review – Legit Way To Earn Money By Selling on eBay?


Dropshipping Titans Website ScreenshotThere are 100’s of courses on dropshipping, some under-delivers with low-quality, some provide a little value but not the best ones and only a few provide great value.

In this Dropshipping Titans Review, you will find out to which of the above groups Dropshipping Titans belongs? Can you buy this course or is it a waste of money? Is it a scam or legit?

I do appreciate you for doing your research on Dropshipping Titans. That’s the best thing to do before making your purchase decision and trust me, it will help you to make an informed decision.

  • Are you here because you are serious about making money online?
  • Do you want to build an online business?
  • Are you ready to go through the learning before earning?
  • Is that you want to find out whether Dropshipping Titans is the right course for you?
  • Are you searching for a genuine & best platform/course to learn about making money online?

You are in the right place and when you finish reading this review, you will have answers to all the above questions.

In the early stages of my online journey, I lost a lot of money to scams. After gaining some experience, I learned to do my research and read reviews (honest & unbiased) before making my purchase decision.

Trust me, this practice helped me to save money, to find out scams and legit programs. I am very grateful for those unbiased reviews. Those reviews saved me a lot of time, trouble, effort, and money.

I am writing this review with the same mindset, gratitude, and intention… Through this review, I want to save your time, trouble, money, and effort!

Okay, shall we start our Dropshipping Titans review?

Here we go…

What Is Dropshipping Titans?   |   Who Is Paul Joseph Lipsky?   |   How Does Dropshipping Titans Work?   |   How Much Does It Cost To Join?   |   Who Is It For?   |   Can You Make Money?   |   Is It Worth It?   |   Pros   |   Cons   |   Is Dropshipping Titans a Scam?   |   Final Thoughts   |   A Legitimate Alternative

What Is Dropshipping Titans?

Dropshipping Titans is a training course on building an eBay dropshipping store. It contains 10 modules that will walk you through the basics.

It’s all about creating a proper listing on eBay and finding retailers or getting buyers to your listings. Hint – You are going to list products from other popular sites like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, etc.

To make it simple, all the products you are going to sell on your eBay store can be found on sites like Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot.

You might ask me if that’s the case won’t the customer buy directly from those popular sites. Good question and I too had the same question but please find the answer from Paul J. Lipsky below…

  • People are too busy or simply do not know how to shop around to find the best prices online. So, they go directly to eBay, find your listing, then purchase the item from you.

Based on my experience I won’t choose this method or business model. You know very well people are very comfortable buying online directly from popular websites.

You know what… Nowadays, they do a price comparison from site to site to find the best deal.

So I don’t the method Paul teaches is going to be very effective…

I am not saying you won’t make money or people are not making money with eBay dropshipping.

A few years before many made a lot of money by selling on eBay but the question is… Is it possible now?

I feel it like an outdated model.

What Is Dropshipping?

If you are new and not sure about the term dropshipping below is the simple definition of dropshipping for you.

In the dropshipping business model, you are not going to buy the products in advance and keep the inventory. Instead, you are going to build your online store and list the products you are willing to sell.

Then you will promote your online store to drive traffic.

When a customer is happy with your listing and the price, he/she will make the purchase.

Once you received the sales order on behalf of the customer you are going to order or buy the product from the seller (Amazon or Walmart) and has it shipped directly to the customer.

And you are going to keep the difference between the retail price (the price you listed on your online store) and the wholesale price (the price you paid to Amazon or Walmart or the wholesaler or manufacturer).

I hope this helps.

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Who Is Paul Joseph Lipsky?

Paul Joseph LipskyPaul Joseph Lipsky is a Dropshipper, YouTuber, Blogger, and Product Creator.

His website is called pauljlipsky.com. He does have a YouTube channel called “Paul J Lipsky” with 78.8K subscribers (that’s good numbers), 444 videos so far, and 4,111,265 views (as of this writing).

He conducts live dropshipping Q&A every week on his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel is devoted to eBay and Amazon Dropshipping.

How Does Dropshipping Titans Work?

First, you are going to do your product research and decide on which products you are going to sell on your eBay store.

Then you are going to build your eBay store and create your eBay listing for the products you want to sell.

Once it sells or receives an order, all you are going to do is…

Going to the same online retailer’s website where you did the research and found the products (such as Amazon or Walmart or Home Depot), buy it, and then ship it directly to the buyer.

That’s it! You will keep the difference in price and that’s the profit.

Also, Paul is going to teach you the concept of focusing on earning small profit margins through selling in large quantities.

Okay, let’s dive into the Dropshipping Titans training modules and see what they are going to offer.

A Look Inside Dropshipping Titans

Dropshipping Titans consist of 10 modules where you will learn the basics about building your eBay store.

I will walk you through the modules below by giving you an overview of what you will learn with each module.

Module 1 – Your Life Is About to Change!

This is going to be an introduction to the eBay dropshipping, guidance on navigating the course, and information on where & how to get support when you are struck.

Module 2 – Get Your Store Up and Running FAST!

Module 2 is all about setting up your eBay account, PayPal account, creating a new email account for your eBay dropshipping business, etc.

Module 3 – My Titans Product Research Formula!

In this module, you are going to learn some basic information on doing your product research for your eBay store. You are going to find products from Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon, etc.

Module 4 – The Perfect eBay Listing

In this module, you are going to learn about listing your chosen products on eBay. For your information, if you are a new seller you are limited to sell only 10 products/items on eBay (this information is not shared on the training).

Module 5 – What You Need to Know Before Listing More Items!

As I mentioned, if you are a new seller your listing is limited to 10 items.

In this module, you are going to learn how to increase the number of your listing by doing simple things. Such as calling eBay and requesting to rise the numbers or limit, getting more positive reviews, etc.

Module 6 – Getting Your Customers Their Orders Fast

Once you get the orders from your customer you are going to buy those products from the website you have already researched, chosen, and listed from (Walmart or Home Depot).

Module 7 – Top Customer Service Hacks

You will learn the tips and guidance on providing good customer service. He is going to provide you with customer service scripts you can use for general queries and issues.

Module 8 – Titan Hacks To Double Your Profit on Every Sale!

You are going to learn about saving money on free shipping, using coupons and discounted gift cards, tax exemption, etc. By doing these things you can earn more profits.

Module 9 – Keeping Things Organized

You are going to learn about bookkeeping and organizing your buyer’s information using QuickBooks.

Module 10 – Advanced Topics (Not For the Faint of Heart)

Here you will get general advice and guidance with tips to increase your business (building your 2nd eBay store, etc.).

The good thing is all the modules from module 2 to module 9 come with action steps and a quiz.

When you join Dropshipping Titans you will also get access to join their FB Mastermind group where you can chat and discuss with fellow members who bought Dropshipping Titan.

Also, you will get downloadable professional customer service scripts that you can use when responding to your eBay customers.

With some of the modules, I don’t think you will get many tips, techniques, and tricks (just basics).

This training might disappoint you. While reading Dropshipping Titans sales page, I was excited to see what they are offering in their training but after my research I am disappointed.

You might have noticed nowadays the business model is all about upselling and providing bonuses for buying products. That’s not possible with eBay!

How Much Does It Cost To Join Dropshipping Titans?

One-time payment of $297 or you can pay $127 per month for 3 months.

By choosing 3 months plan you are going to spend $381. That’s $84 more than the one-time payment.

Who Is Dropshipping Titans For?

For those who want to learn just the basics of eBay dropshipping and are not much worried about the price (lol).

Can You Make Money With Dropshipping Titans? 

Yes, by following what is taught in the Dropshipping Titans course you can and you will make money there is no doubt in that.

It’s going to be a big struggle with a lot of hassle to make mega-profits.

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Is The Course Worth The Price?

It does provide value and you will learn some helpful information from the course. But I don’t think the training that you get is worth the price you pay.

There are some dropshipping training courses that provide a lot of helpful training for a cheaper price.


  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Legit Business Model & You Can Make Money

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You have a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, no strings attached and no questions asked. If you are not happy with the course all you need to do is email Paul J. Lipsky.

Legit Business Model & You Can Make Money

Dropshipping is a legit business model and there are people making money via eBay dropshipping. By following the Dropshipping Titans training course you can make some money.


  • Expensive & Average Training
  • Income & Earnings Statements Are Estimates
  • Need To Find The Hot Products In Regular Intervals
  • Too Much Hype
  • There Are Better Options Available Compared To Dropshipping Titans

Expensive Cost & Average Training

When you compare the value you are going to get from the training and its cost, the price is quite expensive.

Most of the information shared on the training is very basic stuff. Some of the information can be found free by doing a simple search on Google or YouTube.

Income & Earnings Statements Are Estimates

You might have seen some income claims, proofs, and testimonials on the sales page of Dropshipping Titans.

Are those income claims, proofs, and testimonials are real or fake? What do you think?

On the fine print of the Dropshipping Titans site (the ones in the small letters at the bottom of the page – footnotes), you will find the below statement…

  • …it should be noted that earnings and income statements made by dropshippingtitans.com and its advertisers/sponsors are estimates only of what we think you can possibly earn.

Those are ESTIMATES!

Estimates Meaning – an approximate calculation or judgment of the value, number, quantity, or extent of something.

Need To Find The Hot Products In Regular Intervals

You need to keep digging on finding the hot products or the ones trending.

On the other hand, the competition is huge and things are changing within the dropshipping business model. And there are better business models available compared to dropshipping.

Too Much Hype

By reading the Dropshipping Titans website, you might think that…

  • Making money is so easy and you have come across a great training course.

The reality is different!

The sales page does provide too much hype and unrealistic claims.

For example, see the below statement…

  • you can shortcut your success

Experts are saying there is no shortcut to success and I believe that.

They do lure you with huge income claims but you need to be aware that all the shown income statements are estimates…

Those are the turnover amount or the total sales volume. It’s not the profit!

There Are Better Options Available Compared To Dropshipping Titans

On comparing the value provided by Dropshipping Titans, looking at the price, and on the business model they teach, I can say that there are better options available.

If you are keen and interested to make money through the dropshipping business model there are some dropshipping training courses that charge less compared to Dropshipping Titans but provides more value (advanced and in-depth training).

I am sure you will prefer to go with the best training that comes at a cheaper price.

However, compared to dropshipping business model there is another best business model where you can make money online without much hassle and with less investment (more on this later).

Is Dropshipping Titans A Scam?

No, Dropshipping Titans is not a scam.

In Dropshipping Titans, Paul teaches the basics of building your eBay store. It is legit and if you are new to dropshipping for sure you will learn a lot of helpful information via his course.

But the problem is…

The information you are going to learn is very basic and there are some better courses available online that provide more detailed and in-depth training on dropshipping.

So to answer the question of whether Dropshipping Titans under-delivers with low-quality or provide little value but not the best ones or a training course that provides great value…

I will go with…

Dropshipping Titans provide little value but are not the best ones.

But not to worry there is some good news waiting for you below…

Final Thoughts

Let me ask you…

If you want to buy a product online do you go to the respective website or popular websites to buy the products or do you go to eBay?

What about your friends are they buying products from Amazon and Walmart or they are buying from eBay?

You know the answer!

Are Dropshipping Titans The Most Comprehensive eBay Dropshipping Training Course?

I don’t think so!

I am not a fan of Dropshipping business model.

Trust me I know many successful internet marketers (I am not talking about the so-called gurus here, I am talking about really successful people) whom I have asked doubts, whom I follow, whom I model, whom I learn from, and whom I respect.

They all tried a lot of ways to make money online that includes MLM’s, dropshipping, online surveys, Amazon FBA, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

Almost all of them said…

The best business model they love is Affiliate Marketing!

“Affiliate Marketing has made Businesses Millions & Ordinary People Millionaires.” – Bo Bennett

Here is the interesting part…

Those who are doing both dropshipping & Affiliate Marketing said they prefer & love Affiliate Marketing.

Now you know the answer to the question about the best business model to make money online.

Here is the answer to the final question…

Is there any genuine & best platform/course to learn about making money online?

Please read the better alternative compared to Dropshipping Titans.

A Legitimate Alternative

In my opinion, if you want to earn good money online then the best way to do it is through a method known as affiliate marketing which involves promoting products for companies (like Amazon) in return for commissions.

But whilst I believe affiliate marketing to be the best way to make money, I'll point out that there is simply no need to speed thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars to get started with it.

The reason I say that is because you can actually get started with it for free over at Wealthy Affiliate.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you'll get provided with the training, tools & support that you need to see success online through affiliate marketing, even if you're just a beginner.

So if you really want to see success with affiliate marketing & don't want to waste a ton of cash in the process of trying then my advice would be to simply check out Wealthy Affiliate.

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